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Wild Turkey Longbranch with Davey

Quick review this week, Wild Turkey Longbranch Bourbon! Small batch bourbon made with weird woods! How much do you trust the “small batch” label from a large distiller tho? I dunno. Here’s what we thought: […]
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All The Spiceboxes with Mum & Dan

Spicebox spiced whisky – “real prohibition rye whisky” marked “spices” to help smuggling. There’s a great story on their website that seems to have zero relationship with this product other than them calling it “real […]
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Compass Box Hedonism with Dan

Compass Box Hedonism! Not the Jamaican sex holiday, but rather a scotch grain whisky blend. This is a multi-grain, multi-barrel concoction, whose website write up talks about “a certain enticing femininity” which sounds… i dunno, […]