Innis & Gunn Limited Edition 15 Barrel Aged Double IPA in Winnipeg

The Innis & Gunn Completionist Blog That Also Sometimes Drinks Whisky Chapter Several Dozen – 15 Barrel Aged Double IPA. This is kind of unfair because I don’t like IPAs but no one else is here.

The 15 (pronounced fif-teen, like the number) marks 15 years of barrel aging beer at Innis & Gunn. The IPA is also barrel aged in specifically 15 year whisky barrels, which makes it feel like it needs a third 15-related thing to resolve the chord or make the joke.

Always glad to try a new Innis & Gunn but this one was a little underwhelming. Here’s what I thought:

nose – pineapple, almost numbing, in the glass, chocolate in the bottle

taste – smoother than expected, lower hops than expected. lots of chocolate & smooth

finish – clean, almost non-existent

overall – 6.6/10

Innis & Gunn Limited Edition 15 Barrel Aged Double IPA – 7.4% 500ml – $4.95 – Scotland

Try it? Sure. Buy it? Only if you’re an IPA fan.

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