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The Lunar Rogue Pub with Hillary

It’s been an interesting spring, and May 2-4 weekend found yours truly ping-ponging around The Drive-Thru Province, traditional home of the Irving family, land of seafood, craft beer and more seafood, New Brunswick.  My local […]
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Jim Beam Bonded with Dan & Julia

This week’s bottle is Jim Beam Bonded, courtesy of Dan’s Laura. Thanks, Laura! Bonded is a whiskey term we’ve seen before. To jog your memories, the whiskey meets an external government standard – the product […]
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Eagle Rare 10y with Ryan

Eagle Rare 10y. It’s got eagles, and it’s rare. ‘Murica. Eagle Rare is part of the Beam group, and is distilled in the same place as Buffalo Trace. We gave them crap about their web […]