Jameson Ginger & Lime and also Jack Daniel’s & Cola

I don’t know if it’s the pandemic or just market saturation but I think we’re hitting the outer edge of this whiskey thing. This was originally going to be two reviews but honestly I couldn’t do that to you guys. This stuff is crap so I’m squishing them together

Up first is this bag of hot garbage, Jameson Ginger & Lime, which their website doesn’t admit to making. Probably because it tastes like licking a bald redhead on vacation in the Caribbean, I think that’s who it’s aimed at.

smell – ginger, lime, whiskey

taste – ginger, lime, whiskey

finish – chemical, clingy, unpleasant

overall – 3/10

Jameson Ginger & Lime – 6% 473ml – $3.00 – Ireland

And you might be like, fuck okay, I won’t drink this swill. Maybe you think it’s just premixed Irish drinks that don’t work. Maybe you think there’s something magical about American whiskey.

You’d be fucking wrong.

Jack Daniel’s & Unspecified Cola. If you like your mixed drinks under fluorescent lights or off a plastic garbage can, this is for you. Tastes like a fight you lost in middle school.

smell – definitely jack daniels. over powers the “cola”

taste – watered down cola. jack daniels – a jack and coke where they used rc cola and the ice has already melted

finish – chemical spill in your mouth, gassy as hell

overall – 4/10

Jack Daniel’s & Cola – 6% 473ml – $3.00 – USA

Try either? Do you hate yourself. Buy either? Fuck no.

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