Balvenie 17y DoubleWood with Dan

The Balvenie 17y DoubleWood. This is one of those stop and appreciate whiskies that doesn’t come along very often.

This whisky is “change the frame” good. You remember the run of five Johnnies Walker and the BattleScotch? Afterwards, Chris & Stephan mentioned they’d quite enjoyed a couple JWs. That’s not impossible, but I happened to have this one with me at the same time, and I gave everyone a taste of a real single malt, to compare with the blends they’d just had. Only, there is no compare, there is on contrast. Those were ugly, this is beauty.

I took what I had left of this bottle North with me and sacrificed it to the snow princesses. It was well received and a great time was had by all.

Dan – soft wood, caramelized/candied cherries, raisins, vanilla
Simon – apple, butter, smoke, veg

Dan – very dry & spicy, malty, nuts, vanilla wood, little caramelized something, coffee
Simon – so light at the front almost an Irish whiskey, honey, caramel

Dan – short & numb
Simon – wood & sugars, numb, chest warmth

Dan – neat without the dry part
Simon – a little more meaty, easier to drink

Dan – 8.1/10
Simon – 8.4/10

Balvenie 17y DoubleWood Single Malt Whisky – 43$ 750ml – $300 – Speyside

Try it? Yes definitely. Buy it? At Duty Free.

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