Round 2! Johnnie Walker 12y Black Label with Brad, Chris & Junior

This one we’ve done before, so I’ll keep it brief this time around. First up out of the Johnnie Walker set is arguably my favourite, the 12y Black Label. The second from the bottom of the range, this holds with a lot of other blends and famous brands – it’s significantly better than the base model. Really glad this kit didn’t come with a Red Label, that stuff can take the staples off a downtown telephone pole.

Simon – mash, wood, very non descript, smoked veg
Brad – burning rubber, fruitcake
Chris – woodsy
Junior – subtle, not too overwhelming, a little sweet

Simon – vanilla burn, bright with smoke
Brad – smooth, drinkable, maraschino cherries
Chris – rough, alcoholy
Junior – smokey, as tho i was sitting in a firepit

Simon – hot in the mouth, not much chest, wood remains
Brad – ewok?
Chris – vanilla extract
Junior – doesn’t leave a bad aftertaste, makes you feel warm

Simon – waaaaay sweeter, a little less complicated
Brad – oddly, more alcohol taste with a hint of cigarette
Chris – smoother, sweeter, much better, recommended with a splash
Junior – smooth, easier to drink, it re affirms the smokey texture

Simon – 6.9/10
Brad – 6.5/10
Chris – 5/10
Junior – 8/10


Johnnie Walker 12y Black Label Blended Scotch – 40% 50ml – $57.95 – Scotland

Try it? Yes. Buy it? Maybe.

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