Robbie Burns Day Review! Innis & Gunn Vanishing Point 03 with Mike & Davey

Happy Robbie Burns Day! I know, I know… reviewing a beer on Robbie Burns Day?! But I don’t have any *Scotch* scotch posts ready in the hopper – bourbon, yes, Irish, yes, gin, yes, and lots of beers. A lot of beers. Like I’m gonna have to post a lot of beer reviews this year. But! At least this beer is Scottish! Good enough? No? Well, gfy.

We’ve done a lot of Innis & Gunn. Hell, we’ve done a lot of *this* Innis & Gunn. It’s another imperial stout, aged in bourbon barrels for 420 days. Weed reference? Not yet, but probably soon. Here’s what we thought:

nose – first off the beer is almost pink
Davey – stout, just a stout
Simon – dark fruits, coffee grounds, espresso
Mike – stout, caramel, oak

Davey – dark, toasted chocoate
Simon – burnt, candied pear
Mike – bourbon up front, smoke, burnt barbeque sauce

Davey – vapours and coffee and caramel
Simon – bitter, clean, long
Mike – not that bitter but coating

overall – pretty drinkable for a stout
Davey – 5/10
Simon – 7.9/10
Mike – 8/10

Innis & Gunn Vanishing Point 03 Imperial Stout – 11% 500ml – $14.95 – Scotland

Try it? If you haven’t had one of the others. Buy it? It’s not worth $15.

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