Round 2! Bruichladdich The Classic Laddie Unpeated

We’ve had more than a few Brookladdies now, and we tend to like em. Sometimes people read the blog and get us things we like. So we review them again!

Simon – burnt wood, biological
Stephanie – rotting apple, dirt
Jamie – wet & woody
Emily – whisky

Simon – mint? burn
Stephanie – like it fine, a little chili pepper
Jamie – peppery
Emily – not as burning as smell, smooth, front pear

Simon – apple moonshine
Stephanie – burns front of mouth
Jamie – warm throat
Emily – “loins burn”

Simon – sweet forward, more drinkable
Stephanie – smores, caramel, smoked
Jamie – woods, camping
Emily – campfire, crisp

Simon – 7.8/10
Stephanie – 8/10 (for an islay)
Jamie – 7/10
Emily – 8/10

Bruichladdich The Classic Laddie Unpeated – 50% 750ml – $74.95 – Islay

Try it? yes. Buy it? yes.

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