Windswept Brewing Company The Wolf of Glen Moray Port Cask Aged Dark Scottish Ale with Dan

A beer in a tube! You know we’re suckers for literally anything in a tube – beers, whiskies, potato chips,.. tennis balls, uh public transit.. etc.

Straight from the north.. south.. the south north coast? of Scotland. The top of the bottom of the Z of the north coast… medium north Scotland? comes Windswept Brewing Company’s The Wolf of Glen Moray Port Cask & Whisky Barrel Aged Dark Scottish Ale SO MANY WORDS! AND A TUBE!

There’s not much more to say than what’s already in the name so here’s what we thought:

Dan – root beer & cocoa, i like it a lot
Simon – cask, hearth, wine, molasses, baking

Dan – fine carbonation, slightly hoppy, dark chocolate, cocoa
Simon – sharp carbonation, bright but bitter, very weird good

Dan – light & pleasant
Simon – very good, warm, bitter, proper dark ale

overall – great beer at a great price
Dan – 8/10
Simon – 8.1/10

Windswept Brewing Company The Wolf of Glen Moray Dark Scottish Ale – 9% 330ml – $4.95 – Scotland

Try it? Yes. Buy it? Yes!

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