Dominion City Brewing Between Two Evils Imperial Stout with Davey

Dominion City Brewing in Ottawa does a lot of interesting stuff, but Davey and I couldn’t agree on whether this was one of them. As stouts go, it’s great for people who don’t like stouts. Whether it’s for you is yours to discover, here’s what we thought:

Davey – 70% dark chocolate, acai
Simon – charcoal, chocolate, bbq sauce, pomegranate

Davey – dark chocolate covered acai berries
Simon – bitter chocolate, booze very present

Davey – coffee
Simon – bitter linger

Davey – 7.75/10 for someone who doesn’t like stouts or coffee
Simon – 6/10 from someone who does

Dominion City Brewing Between Two Evils Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout – 11.5% 330ml – $8.85 – Ontario

Try it? Sure. Buy it? No.

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