Advent 03: Bunnahabhain 10y Batch 14 with Dan

The third tiny bottle of Christ’s bl- I mean – Christmas Advent Holiday Year Ender Boutique-y Whisky things is the Bunnahabhain 10y Batch 14. I dunno what happened to batches 0-13. Also worth noting there is no mention of a 10y anything on their website.

We first tasted a bunch of Bunnahabhain’s at the Whiskey Ottawa event back in the fall, they’ve always been a little pricey so it’s nice to have tried three now. Still not sure they’re worth the inflated price tag tho. Here’s what we thought:

Dan – brandy, wood, perfume, leather
Simon – mashy, no smoke, moonshine, waffles

Dan – hot, dry, varnishy, walnuts
Simon – bitter, pop, husk, hazelnut, honey

Dan – good, salivating, sweet
Simon – warmth

Dan – dry, spicy, tobacco, heather
Simon – honey & spice

Dan – 6.5/10
Simon – 6.9/10

Bunnahabhain 10y Batch 14 – 50.5% 30ml – $ – Islay

Try it? Sure. Buy it? Nah.

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