Innis & Gunn Don’s Choice Black IPA with Coconut & Rhubarb in Winnipeg & Also Dan

The Continuing Weird Beer Adventures Of Innis & Gunn – Don’s Choice Black IPA with Coconut & Rhubarb.

The definition of too many things – a barrel-aged black IPA with coconut & rhubarb which is the result of a “landslide” winning contest suggestion from a Canadian, the aforementioned Don. I think I know a hundred people named Don and I’m a reclusive shut-in, that’s just Canada for you. This whole thing comes in a 500ml bottle and a box made of neither rhubarb nor coconut so those things are definitely supposedly in the beer.

Honestly, this was just weird. If you like weird beers you should try it. If you have this weird idea that you shouldn’t feel like you need to brush your teeth after drinking a beer, avoid.

Here’s what I thought, and then what Dan thought a few months later when i straight up refused to drink another one of these things:

nose – fruit salad, chocolate, cola

taste – dark hops, thin, not as much as expected, reminds me of apricot beer

finish – bitter back of tongue

overall – 6/10

Dan, several months later

nose – a little skunky or “of skunk”, rhubarb

taste – lots of lip noise, no cocnut, yes rhubarb, sweet tang, tart acidic, good texture tho for 6.2%, but reminds me of Laker

finish – bitter coconut, kind of sour

overall – 6/10

Innis & Gunn Don’s Choice Black IPA with Coconut & Rhubarb – 6.2% 330ml – $5.00 – Scotland/Canada

Try it? Yes. Buy it? No.

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