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Black Cellar Whisky Oak Aged Shiraz-Cabarnet Blend #5 with Davey

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We don’t usually do wine here on iScotch but my buddy Davey started working at the Wine… Shop? Store? Wine Bunker..? Nono, the Wine-o-Rama, in the Sobey’s on Metcalfe. He gave me some great recommendations for wines for gifts/supplies over the holidays. Black Cellar Whisky Oak Aged Shiraz-Cabarnet Blend #5 comes highly recommended.

Davey says this bottle has 8g of sugar per litre making it a dry/off-dry. Shiraz Cabarnet would make it a blend – is that a blend at the grapes level, at the barrel, at the bottle? I have no idea, I know nothing of wine. This one is good tho!  Here’s what we thought:




Simon – chocolate raisins glossettes
Davey – dark berries

Simon – overripe nectar
Davey – sweet, acid at first

Simon – like a mouthful of berries, warm
Davey – lingers, booze, makes the mouth water

Overall for $13 wine
Simon – 8.4/10
Davey – 8/10

Black Cellar Whisky Oak Aged Shiraz Cabarnet Blend #5 – 13% 750ml – $13.95 – Ontario

Try it? Yes. Buy it? Yes, it’s on sale.

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