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Teaser Tuesday! Compass Box

EVERYONE’S FAVOURITE THING – THE WHISKY SAMPLER. This time 5! FIVE! F!VE! whiskies! 4 new reviews, a Round 2! and a BattleScotch! The whole kajimmy! Stay tuned for Asyla, Hedonism, Spice Box, Oak Cross and […]
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Maple3 Maple Water with Dan

We’re in the middle of tornado recovery here in Ottawa, so this week’s review is limited by data plans and battery life. Which is fine because there isn’t too much to say about this product. […]

Brief Break

Hey scotchkateers, taking a lap this week and back on the good foot next. Have to build up our supply of reviews and reviewables. Stay tuned, we’re back next week!
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How To Do A Whisky Tasting

I’m not a professional event host or anything, and I’m not trying to make any money off of this thing (yet). But a couple times now, I’ve been asked or offered to walk some friends […]
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Innis & Gunn Holiday 4-Pack

This year’s Christmas Pack from Innis & Gunn! Four beers and… a… coaster. Neat! Used to get a proper beer glass for a couple years, then they gave away a honking big bottle opener but… […]
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Teaser – The Dalmore Sampler

Haven’t had a good run from a good distiller in a long time, so coming up through September and October – The Dalmore. Grabbed this shwank sampler pack to give us 3 reviews, a Round […]
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The Big Three Hundo

300 posts on iscotch.ca. That’s pretty crazy. Granted, they’re not all bottles of single malt scotch – the brand got watered down early and often, that’s for sure. Over the course of the last 299 […]
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Christmas Round-Up

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays! Here’s the stash I pulled in this year, ready and waiting to have their heads pulled or twisted off and their delicious insides enjoyed by thirsty people! From left to right: […]
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Innis & Gunn Summer Mixed Pack

Well… end-of-Summer-by-the-time-I-found-it Mixed Pack.  One Innis & Gunn Original, one Lager and one Toasted Oak IPA. Stay tuned for the reviews on the two new ones, and hurry up to the LCBO if you want […]