Maple3 Maple Water with Dan

We’re in the middle of tornado recovery here in Ottawa, so this week’s review is limited by data plans and battery life. Which is fine because there isn’t too much to say about this product.

I had thought that Maple3 Maple Water was basically maple syrup leftovers. When you make maple syrup you boil off the excess water in the sap at the tune of 40:1. You could capture that vapour and market it to idiots like me who would buy it and try it and then write internet posts about leftover tree lube. This appears to cut out the distillation step and is just pasteurized sap. So it’s got all the sugars and electrolytes you need to build a healthy… tree.

Because I thought this was distilled sap, not pasteurized, and because I’ve seen mention of maple leftovers as whisky splash before, we tried this out as whisky splash – we did it so you don’t have to. Imagine your whisky, now imagine a tree sneezed in it. That’s basically where you end up, here’s what we thought:

Dan – alcohol very dilute whisky
Simon – solventy/hand soap

Dan – sweet wood water, weird watered ice t
Simon – light, sweet, slightly thick tho, weird

in whisky
Dan – just cuts spice and bitter
Simon – weird slimeyness. very weird

Maple3 Maple Water – 1l – $3.99 – Quebec

use it? no

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