Founder’s Original Seville Orange Bourbon Sour with Dan & Steve

Founder’s premixed drinks were the find of last summer. Easy as beer but not beer; cold, refreshing, Canadian, great. So as we head into the Summer of Isolation If You’re Not An Idiot, I figured now would be a good time to drop these reviews and heavily recommend these for your bbq, picnic, camping, beach trip, whatever. A great summer bevvy. I had these from the Great Lakes to the Maritimes last summer, they’re fantastic.

Founder’s Original Seville Orange Bourbon Sour was my particular favourite of their three varieties, orange citrus and very little booze aftertaste. A balanced drink for an unbalanced time. You can see some notes from a previous, incomplete tasting here. Out of Toronto, Ontario, too, so you can keep buying local this summer.

K i’m gonna super nitpick here: this is a Bourbon sour. Bourbons are whiskey, not whisky, unless that specific bourbon maker identifies more with the Scotch tradition than the Irish tradition. But, like, 98% of Bourbons are whiskey. Yet the can says “Whisky Cocktail”. Just nitpicking.

Here’s what we thought:

Steve – lemon neo citron
Dan – good, ginger ale & lemonade
Simon – orangina, fizzy vitamin c

Steve – lemonade, do not taste booze
Dan – very nice, citrusy, lemon zesty, five alive
Simon – orange, fresh, light, good balance

Steve – clean lemonade
Dan – short, tart
Simon – short, sweet

Steve – 9/10
Dan – 9/10
Simon – 8.2/10

Founder’s Original Seville Orange Bourbon Sour – 5% 500ml – $3.25 – Ontario

Try it? Yes. Buy it? Yes.

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