Original Magnum Highland Cream Liquor with Dan

This interestingly bottled novelty showed up just in time for the Holidays and seems to have disappeared pretty quickly afterwards. Magnum Scotch Cream Liquor – imagine Bailey’s but not gross.

I know everyone loves Bailey’s and I have as well but it’s been too many times in too many nasty coffees and I just can’t get it down anymore. It’s possible that Irish whiskey just doesn’t have enough character to push through the sweet, since we preferred both the Canadian Forty Creek Cream and the one I made – for when you want to get blotto’d on heavy cream.

Which sort of makes sense. In broad strokes, Irish is the sweetest, smoothest whiskey, so it offers the least edge or other noise to distract from the sweet of the heavy cream and condensed milk. Bourbon is sweet with an edge, Canadian and Scotch are mostly edge. And this is a single malt scotch, apparently. All that noise makes the sweet more interesting.

Because this was definitely far superior to Bailey’s or the other whisky cream liquors. Here’s what we thought:

Dan – joe louis
Simon – chocolate oatmeal cookies

Dan – coffee crisp milk shake
Simon – chocolatier than regular irish cream

Dan – sweet
Simon – sweet, light

overall (for a cream liquor) – this has been a big hit with everyone who’s tried it.
Dan – 10/10
Simon – 8.5/10

Original Magnum Scotch Cream Liquor – 17% 750ml – $37.25 – Scotland

Try it? Yes. Buy it? Definitely.

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