Glengoyne 12y with Dan, Steph & Bowick

Glengoyne! A highland Single Malt Scotch that we’ve only seen a little of before. A quirk of geography puts the Glengoyne stills in the Highlands while the maturing happens all the way (across the street) in the Lowlands. Silly things happen when people draw lines on maps.

Aged in sherry and bourbon casks, the 12 year is the first entry in our month of Glengoyne. Here’s what we thought:

Simon – applesauce, mild solvent, salt, cherries
Dan – cherry, plum, musty oak
Bowick – light, sour apple
Steph – apples, honey, all spice, pine

Simon – oily, slick, a little smokier than expected
Dan – dry woody cherries, spicy, malty
Bowick – smooth, pleasant, mapley
Steph – smokey, wood smoke

Simon – chest burn & wood, cherries, lips a little puckered
Dan – dry, long
Bowick – long
Steph – savoury spice,

Simon – can see it sliding around on the water it’s so oily. simpler, less burn, more drinkable
Dan – lighter version of neat with hint of pungent lime, like the end of a whisky sour
Bowick – not better, stale
Steph – pinesol, better without

Simon – 7.7/10
Dan – 7.5/10
Bowick – 7.6/10
Steph – 6/10

Glengoyne 12y Single Malt Scotch – 43% 200ml – $84.95 – Highlands/Lowlands

Try it? Yes. Buy it? Yes.

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