Glengoyne 18y with Dan, Bowick & Steph

I know, I know. It’s 4/20. It’s the first 4/20 since legalization. I was in a band with a song called four20. Where is the weed whisky or or whisky barrel aged weed (patent pending), right? This site is about subjective reviews of intoxicating substances, exclusively. Weed is in the same family as hops, there’s thc distillates, what’s the problem? Well mainly I didn’t realize 4/20 was a Saturday until two weeks ago, after I kicked off the Glengoyne month, so gimme a break. And there are some things in the works, stay tuned.

In the meantime, here’s Saturday three of the Glengoyne gift set, the 18y. A whisky that can vote is not something we see a lot of here and this was a nice addition to our personal whisky lists, even if it wasn’t a super great whisky. Here’s what we thought:


Simon – old paper, wood, rolo candy
Dan – wugh, v strange, spectro gel & halls cherry
Bowick – blergh, flea market smell
Steph – rich, dark, expensive chocolate

Simon – less sting, burn, wood, excellent mouthfeel, after eight
Dan – very sharp, heat, irony & bitter
Bowick – acid reflux
Steph – gloriously sea salt dark chocolate luxury chocolate bar

Simon – very subdued and subtle, no burn
Dan – short
Bowick – short
Steph – no burn, not aggressive

Simon – opens to sharp, apple chocolatine and doesn’t work, not better
Dan – bright, clementine & apricot w earthly umami mushroom
Bowick – has fuller taste
Steph – disappointing pastry

Simon – 7.6/10
Dan – 7.5/10
Steph – 8.5/10

Glengoyne 18y – 43% 200ml – $169.95 – Highlands/Lowlands

Try it? Sure. Buy it? Nah.

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