The Ardmore Legacy with Dan

Once again, it’s been a while since we had a single malt scotch, the whisky after which the site is named. This happens, of course, because other whiskies, spirits & beers tend to be cheaper. Scotch still carries the whisky banner and therefore the price standard, even if Americans like to pay a lot for old bourbon.

The Ardmore Legacy is a solid Highland single malt. From the Garioch region, this Beam/Suntory brand was started in the late 1800’s as filler for Teacher’s Highland Cream, by Teacher’s son. It’s still the principal whisky in Teacher’s, which is interesting. We enjoyed this whisky, but did not enjoy Teacher’s. The argument for blends is that you can achieve more consistency in flavour because you can chose your sources to hit a target. But if the end result isn’t as enjoyable as the principal ingredients, what are you even doing?

You’re making tuna & milk chocolate sandwiches is what you’re doing.

But we spent a whole article crapping on Teacher’s, and The Ardmore is pretty good, despite opting for a lower proof and chill filtering. Here’s what we thought:

Dan – copper, baby-powedery perfume, cucumber melonish
Simon – warm socks and a blanket, leather, mint, cheese, gum

Dan – spearmint & tobacco, cocoa, astringent
Simon – golden wheat, very well put together, maple sugar

Dan – medium
Simon – warm hug

Dan – no more mint, lightly smoky, oaky, cucumber fresh
Simon – mushrooms, light and warm

Dan – 8.8/10
Simon – 8.2/10

The Ardmore Legacy Single Malt Scotch – 40% 750ml – $52.95 – Highland

Try it? Yes. Buy it? Yes.

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