Reviewed! King’s Lock Craft Distillery WhiskyJack Rye with Dan & Ryan

From just outside Prescott, here’s King’s Lock Craft Distillery‘s WhiskyJack Rye.

100% rye, same as their Prescott White Rye. “Aged on oak”, which doesn’t necessarily conjure images of barrels. If I spill moonshine on a hardwood floor and leave it for the weekend is that “aged on oak”?

Possibly oak chips? Possibly some kind of oakerator like Innis & Gunn use? Maybe just shoot the booze with oak bullets? The oak and the booze wave to each other across a train platform? I predict within the next five years someone’s going to market NanOak, tiny oak particles or maybe even oak robots like Bender that one time, but all tiny and thousands of them like Bender that other time. And you can inject them into anything and then wait ten minutes and bam aged on oak.

All riffing aside, it’s good to have local distillers trying local things with local ingredients, right in our home province. We’ll be looking to do a tour soon, hopefully this summer. In the meantime, here’s what we thought:

Dan – wood chips/saw dust, spearmint/listerine
Simon – shiney, mash, very young
Ryan – corn, cane, honey, floral

Dan – leather and tabacco, leather shoes, shoe polish
Simon – shoes, wood, golf?, spices cooked oranges, shine
Ryan – licorice

Dan – long, acidic
Simon – long, raisin bran, dry
Ryan – cherry

Dan – licorice & mint with root beer soda soft candies
Simon – rye, damp
Ryan – n/a

Dan – 5/10
Simon – 5/10
Ryan – 7/10

King’s Lock Craft Distillery Whiskyjack Rye – 40% 375ml – $ – Ontario

Try it? Yes. Buy it? If you’re there.

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