Advent 05: Aberlour 6y Batch 8 with Dan

The fifth of advent, a 40 full of cheer. Corona got you trapped inside, why not drink a whole box of whisky. What could possibly go wrong?

Aberlour is a distillery we don’t get much of – one review and one BattleScotch in the past, one review coming up sometime this year. This Aberlour 6y is the youngest Aberlour we’ve had – this Advent set has a lot of variety in age.

Aberlour 6y seems to be offered exclusively through The Boutiquey Whisky Company. who make the Advent calendar, and isn’t mentioned on Aberlour’s own site.

Only so much you can say about a tiny little bottle, so here’s what we thought:

Dan – leather, peat, salt
Simon – apples, cherry, mash

Dan – spicy, rum candy, pepper, burnt baked apple
Simon – sweet, wood, hot

Dan – meh
Simon – clean, heat

Dan – chocolately & cocoa, smooth
Simon – very drinkable, smooth

Dan – 6/10
Simon – 7/10

Aberlour 6y Batch 8 Single Malt Scotch – 30ml 49.9% – ??? – Speyside

Try it? Yes. Buy it? No.

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