Aberlour 10y with Katherine & The Dan

Aberlour 10y

Aberlour 10yFirst review so I decided to bring some friends in on the fun.  Katherine has a somewhat longer relationship with scotch than I do (or with me, come to think of it) and takes her scotch neat.  I believe The Dan is familiar with whiskey in general and is gaining appreciation for scotch, served with a splash of water.  I like ice.

For the purposes of a “proper review” The Dan and I are both taking notes neat first, then served the way we prefer.  We’ll give you notes like that too, in case you take yours the same way.

The Aberlour was a gift a few months back because I’m such a nice guy, but it got shuffled to the back of the liquor shelf and neglected.  Perfect first bottle, then.

Neat:  The Dan – mild olive, maple or bourbon sweetness. Me: Oak-y and fairly oily.  Katherine – pine, sherry, spicy, clean.Aberlour 10y

With a splash: still oily, Southern Comfort notes, raw alcohol.

With ice: remained aromatic and warming while cutting the oiliness.

We all agreed we would enjoy this scotch again, but were mixed as to whether we would order it out or buy it for home.

Aberlour 10y – 43% 750ml – Speyside

Try it? Yup. Buy it? Nope.

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