Rodenbach Vintage 2016 Flanders Red Ale Foeder #201

A giant beer with a wrap label and a cork and a muselet(1) and a foil wrap! Rodenbach(2) Vintage 2016 Flanders Red Ale from Foeder #201, looks super fancy!

A Flemish red/brown ale, it’s a sour, flavoured beer. It’s.. a lot of things.

I did this as a Google Duo review with my northern sweetheart, after the bottle had sat in the fridge for six months. Unfortunately, either the beer had spoiled, or the beer was so sour to begin with that it was indistinguishable from spoiled.

Zero stars, not worth the mobile data.

Rodenbach Vintage 2016 Flanders Red Ale – 7% 750ml – $12.95 – Belgium

Try it? No. Buy it? I don’t think you can anymore.


(1) the name for the wire cage on alcohol bottles

(2) i got a ride from from my belgian friend, but i didn’t call shotgun, i rodenbach.

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    That’s a pretty unfair review – it comes off like you didn’t take your task seriously. This is, in fact, a reputable flemish red ale. It is not the finest but a solid true to form beer at a reasonable price. The fact that you couldn’t even give it a genuine unbiased flavour profile tells me one of two things: either, you don’t like sour beers altogether or you’re inexperienced in this type of beer. which in either case, you shouldn’t be reviewing the beer at all. I hope other readers keep an open mind after reading my critique of your hapless review, and give this staple flemish red a chance.

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