Sleeman Golden FestBier with Dan

A quick beer review as I stare down the midnight deadline. Sleeman Golden Festbeir doesn’t appear on their website for some reason.

I remember when Sleeman relaunched. I didn’t realize it was after a 50 year ban for tax evasion and smuggling. I mean, that’s pretty boss. Within 20 years of restarting they sold to Sapporo for $400 million but kept working the business & brewing other people’s beer in Canada.

Anyway, I’m telling you business things because I have nothing else to say. We did this review a year ago and I’m not sure this is still available. Here’s what we thought:

Dan – unripened plum
Simon – horsefeed, grass

Dan – bright, slightl citrus, hoppy near the end
Simon – slightly bitter, golden beer

Dan – short, clean
Simon – clean, bitter

Dan – 6.5/10
Simon – 5/10

Sleeman Golden FestBier – 5.8% 750ml – $8.95 – Ontario

Try it? Meh. Buy it? Eh.

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