Proper Twelve Irish Whiskey with Steve, Dan & Goran

Today is Hallowe’en, so it’s the perfect time to review an Irish whiskey, Proper 12. How so? Did you know that St Patty’s Day and Hallowe’en are exactly 6 months apart? No? Cuz they’re not. But May Day is, and that’s… like.. a European thing, and so is Ireland, no matter how hard the British try to fuck that up.

You’re not gonna get this calibre of analysis everywhere. Stick with iScotch for stuff like remembering where countries are and not liking websites.

Speaking of which… This whiskey is a project of noted box kicker Conor McGregor and the “oldest distillery on the isle of Ireland”. If you Google that phrase then you get Kilbeggan distillery. But if you search for Kilbeggan & Conor McGregor you get a bunch of lists of shit whiskeys but nothing about working together.

It is at the core of my very nature to reject sports as a reason to venerate people, but as much as I want to, this seems more like a guy who got some money, bought a thing and put some people to work so he could do a little vanity project. Definitely not the worst sports guy or the worst sports guy associated booze (coughfuckyouwaynegretzkycough). Is it amazing? No. (Steve hated it, so if anyone should get revenged by a crazed irish cage fighter with a thing for whiskey for this review, it’s him) We all pretty much agreed it’s not meant to be drunk neat:

Dan – spice, vanilla, almonds, or nuts of some sort
Goran – cinnamon candy, vanilla
Simon – sharp, wood chips, overripe pears
Steve – irish, cask, rubbing alcohol

Dan – super spicy like cinnamon hearts
Goran – sweet, very bright, bitter, no butter, no smoke
Simon – wood remains, pop & spice, heat
Steve – cork, like… a cork.

Dan – long, astringent
Goran – short, burn
Simon – warm but lip tingles
Steve – black licorice

Dan – vanilla, spice, wood, bitter
Goran – remains thin, nothing emerges
Simon – better
Steve – caramel, meant to be a mixer

overall – good for parties
Dan – 6.5/10
Goran – 5/10
Simon – 5.5/10 or 3/10
Steve – 2.5/10

Proper Twelve Irish Whiskey – 40% 750ml – $37.45 – Ireland

Try it? Eh. Buy it? Nah.

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