Advent The Last! Glenburgie, Strathmill & Benriach

In the name of getting shit over with, here’s the final three days of last year’s Those Whisky Brothers Non-Denominational Advent Or Other Holiday Countdown Calendar or whatever the hell it’s called. I don’t know if I’m going to do this again this year – yes, it adds a whole bunch of whiskies to your bodycount but a lot of them are terrible and there’s not enough to share the ones that aren’t.

Glenburgie 8y Batch 8

nose – cherries, vanilla, toffee (i maybe farted)

neat – sharp burn and bite, dark vanilla, wood, forest

finish – lip burn, tongue burnt

splash – literally just another whisky, a little… note in the back end but nothing to distinguish it

overall – 6/10

Glenburgie 8y Batch 8 – 55.2% 30ml – $ – Speyside

Try it? Sure. Buy it? Nah.


Strathmill 11y Batch 5

nose – thin and burning. offensive to the nose. not ale & pie for sure

neat – thin sharp & angry. like two nights in a hedge

finish – bite, thin, tongue busted & burnt

splash – no better, just thin and angry like a bechambered hugger tugger

overall – 2/10

Strathmill 11y Batch 5 – 51.1% 30ml – $ – Speyside

Try it? No. Buy it? No.


Benriach 9y Batch 4

nose – tart mash, vague vomit, sour

neat – sharp and thin, burn, thin pears, bite

finish – lips and tongue burn, not flavour only burnt

splash – better * more consistent, manitoba maple, bitter,

overall – 6/10 honestly these aren’t great whiskies

Benriach 9y Batch 4 – 51.7% 30ml – $ – Speyside

Try it? Eh. Buy it? Nah.


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