Tomatin 12y Bourbon & Sherry Casks with Dan

May is Twomatin month, or the second Tomatin month, which I guess we could have also called ToMaytin now that I think about it a little bit longer. No worries, they’re both terrible names but this we’ve been doing this thing a while so.

TOMATIN! Previously seen in: The 12y Spanish Sherry, the 15y, and the 18y Oloroso, and their BattleScotch!

And currently, the Bourbon & Sherry Cask 12y. Looking at the Tomatin site, we lucked out getting to try the 15y in the last set because the expression has been retired. The 18y is still available but the 12y has been changed to add bourbon barrels to the name, even tho the 12y was aged in bourbon before as well. Product drift, I guess.

Another from the Christmas Haul of Gift Sets, at some point we still have to do *5* fricking Johnnie Walkers. Yikes. Here’s what we thought:

nose – you can smell it across the table
Dan – apricot, honey, soap
Simon – apple cidre, mash, golden wheat

Dan – dry, slight bitterness, malty, spicy
Simon – cinnamon

Dan – tart
Simon – sherry, heat

Dan – no spice, slightly sweeter with caramel, apricot
Simon – simpler & easier, less burn

Dan – 7.5/10
Simon – 7.1/10

Tomatin 12y Sherry & Bourbon Cask – 43% 750ml – $64.70 – Highlands

Try it? Yes. Buy it? Nah.

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