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BattleScotch! Tomatin Spanish Sherry 12y v 15y v Oloroso 18y with Dan

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tombsBattleScotch! Tomatin Stillmen’s Choice Edition! Aw yeah aw yeah! It wouldn’t be a reasonably priced selection of delicious single malt scotches without us wringing one more post out of it.

In the review of the 18y article, I went into some detail about why older scotch may not necessarily tasting “better”. If you’d like to read more about what’s happening there, along with some interesting graphs, check out this Popular Science article. It does a great job of looking down to the chemical level in accessible language. Interesting that on the scotch graph, the lines cross in the “age” region of 12-16y, which is the neighborhood we here at iScotch seem to prefer, which probably means we’re right about everything and you should just take our word on anything. Trump/Cosby 2016!

Here’s how it went down:

Dan – 15y
Simon – Spanish Sherry 12y

Dan – 15y
Simon – 15y

Dan – 15y
Simon – 15y

Dan – Spanish Sherry 12y
Simon – 15y

Dan – 15y
Simon – 15y

Tomatin Spanish Sherry 12y v 15y v Olorosa 18y – 15y takes it handily!


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