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Radical Road Canny Man Scotch Cask Aged Beer with Dan, Ryan & Goran

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IMG_4099Picked up these two bottles of Radical Road Canny Man scotch whisky cask aged beers.  Radical Road’s web presence seems to be limited to a Twitter account, so I can’t give you much more info than that they’re from Toronto.  What scotch barrels they’ve aged their beer in would be good to know.

As beer goes it was very flavourful and came in at 9.1%.  But we split two 750ml bottles between the four of us and still had a hard time finishing our glasses.  There is a lot going on in this beer and the high octane value seems to confuse the whole thing a bit.  It’s good tho. Made for sharing, definitely.

Dan – sweet
Simon – slightly hoppy, flowery, metallic
Goran – classic pilsner, copper
Ryan – rusty copper

Dan – weird, smooth, sweet, mild hop burn, pineapple, coffee, chocolate
Simon – chocolate, burnt
Goran – bitter pinenut, low carbonation, oily
Ryan – twist, pineapple, bitter

Radical Road Canny Man Scotch Whisky Cask Aged Beer – 9.1% 750ml – $10.95 – Canada/Scotland

Try it? Yes, definitely. Buy it? Hard to say yes at the price.

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