Phillips Union Whiskey Kentucky Straight Bourbon/Canadian Whisky with Dan

IMG_5111 This is the last refugee of my quick trip to Saint John, New Brunswick, and the second of what we’re calling Transnational Blends. If Three Ships was a curious rendezvous with a southern-hemisphere enchantress that makes you want to visit her foreign lands (nudgenudgewinkwink), then Phillips Union Whiskey’s cross-border mix of Kentucky Straight Bourbon and Canadian Whisky is the realization that the American you spent spring break making out with is your cousin, and now you can’t go to family reunions anymore.

So many words.

What is Phillips? Good question. is an empty page, not even a 404. Philips Distilling, however, is the Minnesota home of Union, as well as stablemates Sour Puss (getting high school girls drunk at college parties for 20 years), Revel Stoke spiced whisky, and whatever problem-drinking fodder something called Ice Hole is supposed to be.  That said, all piss-taking aside, they make a certified organic gin, a Scotch and an Irish whiskey we might hunt down in a compulsive need to crank out content/drink until the inner shouting goes quiet.

HERE’S WHAT WE THOUGshit, sorry. Here’s what we thought:

Dan – fake cherry, nail polish
Simon – dated perfume, floral notes but cloying, tequila back

Dan – caramel, horrible, thick
Simon – syrupy, cloying, burn, chemical, heartburn

Dan – like shitty Baileys, syrupy, choco-caramel, not real
Simon – washed out, like hand soap

Phillips Union Whiskey Kentucky Straight Bourbon/Canadian Whisky – 40% 750ml – $30.29 – USA/Canada

Try it? No, don’t. Buy it? No.


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    Carrie Kennedy

    I’ve been looking for this whiskey everywhere ! I have tried it and loved it ! It’s simply amazing. Will this whiskey ever be sold in Ontario? Some please answer, I can not find it anywhere, I believe my daughter got me some when she was travelling out west, maybe Alberta. Or maybe I can order some ? if so where can I order it from ?

    • 6

      I had to go to New Brunswick to get this. searched LCBO and SAQ and Manitoba liquor sites have no hits, so I think you’ll have to go a little further afield!


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