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BattleScotch! Three Ships v Phillips Union with Dan & Goran

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Reviews with Goran
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battlescotchFor the sake of transparency, there were some serious protestations from The Inebriatti on this pairing, arguments that we were pitting four kinds of whisk(e)y against each other simultaneously; that Union and Three Ships were so entirely different that there was no axis for comparison. FALSE. We’re looking at two bottles of whisk(e)y gone mad here, these cross-border illegitmates, these trans-continental abominations could ONLY be compared to each other.

Dan – Three Ships
Simon – Three Ships
Goran – Three Ships

Dan – Three Ships
Simon – Union
Goran – Union

Dan – Three Ships
Simon – Union
Goran – Union

So, two times 2-1 on taste, although Dan continues his destructive reign of consistency.

Three Ships Premium Select Whisky 5y v Phillip’s Union Whiskey Kentucky Straight Bourbon/Canadian Whisky = Union on taste.

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