Three Ships Premium Select Whisky 5y with Dan & Goran

2013-07-26 18.39.40We’re doing a brief detour again, this time into what we’re calling Transnational Blends territory, because we like throwing around big words we’re only probably using properly.

This particular international mingling consists of Scotch and South African whiskies, and assuming the Scottish naming rules apply, all of at least five years maturity.  And while this particular bottle was not all that inspiring, I’m quite interested to check out the Three Ships South African single malt.

Dan – burn, stinky feet, sock, wet
Simon – mold? cheese? solvent. smells young
Goran – cherry, wet cement

Dan – surprising lack of burn, spiciness, smokey, sweet on tongue
Simon – sweet but incomplete, smell interferes with flavour, honey
Goran – bitter peat, mild

Dan – cuts burn, leaves spiciness
Simon – cuts burn, but not a good drink
Goran – cilantro, peat disappears

Three Ships Premium Select 5y Whisky – 43% 750ml – $34.95 – South Africa/Scotland

Try it? Sure, to add a country to your list. Buy it? Not necessary.

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