Dominion City Town & Country Blonde Ale with Devin


Just a quick review as I’m out in Gananoque this weekend! Town & Country Blonde Ale from Ottawa’s Dominion City Brewing Company.

Good stuff going on here – organic grains, local milling, Ontario hops. While this beer didn’t really speak to us, we’re looking forward to trying more from this brewer. Here’s what we thought:


Devin – slightly cloudy, straw
Simon – hints of wheat beer, cloudy

Devin – strawberry
Simon – light malt & honey

Devin – surprisingly bitter
Simon – light, slight bitter but clean & clear

Devin – bitter finish
Simon – lingering bitterness on the tongue

Devin – 5.5/10
Simon – 6/10

Dominion City Town & Country Blonde Ale – 5.5% – $ – Ontario

Try it? Sure? Buy it? No.

2 thoughts on “Dominion City Town & Country Blonde Ale with Devin

  1. I quite liked this one, strangely enough, but my favourite from DC is the ESB Earnscliffe. It’s far too often overlooked in favour of their Earl Grey Marmalade Saison, in my opinion. I like the Saison, but the ESB is absolutely delightful.

    They have a special batch on sale right now in a Merlot-aged barrel that I’m very curious to try.

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