Canadian Club Chairman’s Select 100% Rye with Dan & Goran

IMG_5657Canadian Club Chairman’s Select 100% Rye. Not just a Select, but Selected by a man with a chair! A whole chair!

I gave this bottle as a gift to a few rye drinkers and have had this review sitting for a while. I think this is going to be a big seller this summer – it suggests mixed drinks on patios into long evenings.

Which is weird, for us to like a Canadian Club. Like, really weird. We’ve only liked one of the brand so far, and that was as a mix. And to be sure, as Dan noted, this is also meant to be mixed. But I know rye drinkers who drink this straight, or on the rocks. Which… seems bold for a member of the Club. And I just learned why, from The Rum Howler:

Canadian Club is Beam Suntory, and so is Alberta Distillers, from whom we’ve liked everything. And that’s where this bottle is born, out west. Kind of reminds me of 20 years ago; Kokanee west of Ontario was actually a pretty good beer, brewed in BC. But the Eastern Canadian version was brewed in a city in Ontario, and was pretty nasty. Maybe they know something about booze out there, something about the frontier spirit, maybe, or pickier alcoholics. Anyway, here’s what we thought:

Dan – rich caramel coloured
Simon – caramel colour
Goran – coarse middle class caramel coloured

Dan – softly firm pear
Simon – burnt pear drops, caramel, hairspray
Goran – brown sugar, hay

Dan – canadian whisky without the flavour
Simon – citrus lightness, to spice
Goran – surprisingly dry, spicy herbs, honey aftertaste

Dan – watery linger
Simon – pepper & film
Goran – dry finish, no butter, rose water

Dan – made to be mixed
Simon – better, sweeter
Goran – strangely more complex

Canadian Club Chairman’s Select 100% Rye – 40% 750ml – $25.75 – Alberta/Ontario

Try it? Yes. Buy it? Yes.

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    John Speights

    Love the blog. Lots of good info here. I’m a big fan of whiskey as well as coffee. So I started sourcing and aging beans in whiskey barrels. Now I can get the nice finish of whiskey anytime! Would you be interesting in reviewing our coffee beans for your readers? I can get some free samples out to you. Let me know. Great site!

    • 2

      Hell yes! That sounds like an awesome plan – one of our core tasters manages a Bridgehead coffee shop here in town! I’ll email you for details.

  2. 3

    Thanks for the article. This really is an outstanding value for the class. I wonder how long it will be until it is more widely released (i.e., outside Canada) – and the price goes up!

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