Alberta Springs 10y Rye with Dan, Ryan & Alex

2013-09-25 21.01.05Back in Canada. Well, Alberta. But purchased in western and consumed in eastern Ontario. Enough geography,  what is this, Rand McFrickin’ally?

4 and a half years now I’ve been waiting to use that. I don’t think it lands as good as I thought.

Anyway, it’s a genuine aged rye, which makes it a bit of a rarety, and 10 years is definitely longer than any other rye we’ve had, I think. I should check that before I press publish. Damnit. Here’s what we thought:

Dan – caramel, hairspray, sweet, astringent
Simon – sweet, hairspray, light caramel, spicy, perfumey
Ryan – jerky, smoked meat, wood, phenols
Alex – hairspray

Dan – fake caramel, au caramel & rubbing alcohol
Simon – quite unpleasant, tastes very rye, burn, light
Ryan – no taste, no burn, missing it, no flavour
Alex – bitterness, tangy with not much to it

Dan – more alcohol, less caramel somehow
Simon – unbalanced, woody but like particle board, fruitier
Ryan – n/a
Alex – more caramel

Alberta Springs 10y Canadian Rye Whisky – 40% 750ml – $24.45 – Alberta

Try it? No. Buy it? Pretty good in a rye & ginger.

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