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Canadian Club Premium with Dan & Ryan

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IMG_3444This appeared in my whisky case after a party, and has been staring at me ever since. “I’m a classic” i keep hearing, “I’m so popular!” “I’m a staple!”

That siren’s call has been rebuked by my subconscious, time and again with “NOOO you’re disgusting” “Canadian whisky is a dog’s breakfast” and “I have such better things to drink”.

So it has remained there, on the “to be reviewed” shelf of my whisky case. Ignored, maligned, passed over. It’s been there for a while now, this half-a-bottle of Canadian Club.  I have been trying to make myself review bottles I’m hesitant about by bribing myself with bottles I’m excited about, so this was the trade off for the upcoming McClelland’s review.

And to be honest, we shouldn’t have waited so long. Not very interesting but a solid mixing whisky.  It’s unfortunate there’s not a lot of actual information on the different bottlings as their website seems to be mostly meant to tell you how cool Canadian Club has been in previous decades, like Prohibition or this crazy promotion from the ’60s where they hid cases around the world in adventure destinations.

Dan – burnt sugar, Oxy pads, mint, cologne
Simon – orange, orange cleaner, rubbing alcohol, hairspray
Ryan – shoe polish, Stridex, indistinct, weak, cinnamon

Dan – flavour overpowered by burn
Simon – good colour, tic tacs, citrus
Ryan – not bad, but nothing of note, slightly sweet

Dan – floral & sweet, dry on the tongue
Simon – sweet & fruity, oily, tea
Ryan – n/a

Canadian Club Premium – 40% 750ml – $25.45 – Canada

Try it? No. Buy it? Yes.

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