The Dalmore 15y with Katherine at L’ile Noire

Second round at L’ile Noire, and we went for one of the big guys.  The Dalmore wins all kinds of awards all the time.

Caveat: we had The Dalmore 5th in a night of scotch tastings, so it’s possible our tongues were just worn out and tired.  I will keep The Dalmore 15y on the list of scotches to taste again based on that.

Caveats aside, colour me unimpressed.

Me: wood nose, leather, not much but burn after first taste
Katherine: butterscotch smell, pine, spice, leather, smoke, flat

Based on that tasting, neither of us would bother with this particular Dalmore again.

The Dalmore 15y – 40% 750ml – $99.95 – Highlands

Try it? If you’ve never had a Dalmore, sure. Buy it? Probably not.

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