The Dalmore 12y with Dan & Goran

IMG_1346It has been a *long* time since our last Dalmore – fully four and a half years now. A Round 2 of the 15y is up next week, but this week it’s the first of the Dalmore Vial Sampler – The Dalmore 12y!

The Dalmore claims history all the way back to 1263 –  a Mackenzie chief saved King Alexander III from a stag and won himself lands and family logo in the process. Skip forward about 400 years and two Mackenzie brothers buy a 30 year old distillery in 1867. This brand is as old as my whole country.

The 12y is called Andrew Mackenzie’s Masterpiece and claims a “character beyond its age” but this runs a bit counter to our experience – if anything, this tastes young for a 12y. Aged in American bourbon barrels, then split finished between the same and Oloroso casks and the blended back together. But something in that process robs years from the flavour. Here’s what we thought:

Dan – cherry, oak, caramel, rosewater
Simon – cherry applewood, books
Goran – grappa, cherry, pineapple

Dan – savoury, soft caramel, citrus, cardamom
Simon – chocolate, tang, bright, young
Goran – chocolate, vibrant, oily

Dan – smooth, slightly spicy
Simon – lingering sting, short warmth
Goran – short, coconut water

Dan – very light, sweeter version of neat
Simon – brighter & sweeter but somewhat lessened
Goran – n/a

free association
Dan – meh
Simon – smoked fish
Goran – young

Dan – 7.6/10
Simon – 7.9/10
Goran – 7.5/10

The Dalmore 12y – 40% 50ml – $ – Highlands

Try it? Yes. Buy it? No.

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