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Tomatin 15y with Dan

Tomatin 15y! The second review of Tomatin month is their 15y expression. Where the other two are aged in sherry barrels, this bottle is aged in standard scotch whisky barrels […]

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Bowmore 15y Darkest with Ryan

First of the micro reviews.  Not that they’re shorter (they really couldn’t be, I’m phoning this shit in pretty hard already), they’re just reviews of tiny bottles of Bowmore that […]

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Final Five

We’re down to the last 5 bottles of scotch I already own.  So far the only scotch I’ve bought since starting the blog is The Glenrothes, so I’ll need to […]

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Dalwhinnie 15y

This bottle of Dalwhinnie 15y was in the first batch of scotches I received when I decided to take it up as a hobby.  If drinking is a hobby.  I […]