Round 2! The Dalmore 15y with Dan & Goran

img_1342Dalmore number three, the 15y!

This was actually one of the very first iScotch reviews, and one of the earliest whiskies in my whiskiography. Interesting to see that my opinion has evolved on this one Рthe intervening 5 years have changed either the whisky or my palate.

It is weird for me to like this – it’s a highland scotch, which has been (as near as i can tell) quadruple sherry casked. It appears to have the same origin as the 12 – a certain length of time in American ex bourbon oak is listed for all three 12y, 15y, & 18y on the website. Another example of the iterative business model.

But in this case it works very well. Here’s what we thought:

Dan – sweet peaches, a little ethanolly, slight lemon rind
Simon – cooked apples, sugars, oak
Goran – orange, vanilla, pineapple

Dan – slightly corn syrup, young tasting
Simon – peppered chocolate
Goran – milk chocolate, some cherry, very smooth mouthfeel

Dan – thicker, short, numb
Simon – medium warmth
Goran – medium, airy, brown sugar

Dan – like reserva, neat, very good, opens up to allow more sweetness
Simon – excellent. perfect, actually
Goran – n/a

free association
Dan – suh duh
Simon – deck chairs
Goran – n/a

Dan – 8.1/10
Simon – 8.75/10
Goran – 7/10

The Dalmore 15y – 40% 50ml – $ – Highlands

Try it? Yes. Buy it? Yes.


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