Talisker Scotch Whisky Collection

I recently finished my bottle of Talisker 10y, the first bottle of scotch I ever bought.  For about the same price to replace the 750ml size, I got the Talisker Scotch Whisky Collection boxed thing.  It comes with 200ml bottles of the 10y, Distiller’s Edition and 57° expressions

Update June 7 2018 – for Throwback Thursday, rather than post Talisker close-ups for the next month, I’m updating this post to index the related reviews & BattleScotch!


Distiller’s Edition


BattleScotch! Distiller’s v 57°

Talisker 10y, Distiller’s Edition, 57° – 45.8% & 57% 3x200ml – $77.10 – Islands

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