Talisker Distiller’s Edition

Taste-wise, the Distiller’s Edition sits in the same place in comes in the box – right in the middle.  Its difficult to describe it without comparing it to the 57° or the 10y: its fuller than the 10y, but not as intense as the 57°, warmer and spicier, while less peaty.

Each lot is numbered, this one being TD-S:5LX, but as you can see if you click the link, there’s no official information from Talisker/Diageo/Malts.com, only reviews.  It appears to be simply to distinguish different Editions Distiller.  The specific pedigree of the whimsically named TD-S:5LX is as an 11y double matured scotch expression.

Neat: leather, almost beefy in the nose, warm and sweet with a fair burn.

With Ice: spiciness remains.

Talisker Distiller’s Edition – 45.8% 200ml – ?? – Islands

Try it? Not necessary. Buy it? No.

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