BattleScotch! Talisker Distiller’s Edition v Talisker 57° with Ryan

battlescotchLong time readers of iScotch will know that we (I) am huge Talisker fan.  I’ve tried 4 different expressions and will try everything I can get my hands on for a good price (or at least, get out of the store without getting caught).  Pitting the Distiller’s Edition against the 57° was a no brainer, as an excuse to kill off the last of the Talisker Sampler.

Still trying to nail down the formatting on these posts as WordPress doesn’t play nice with tables from Word or Excel, and I haven’t found a plugin that I like for it yet. But since it’s just Ryan and me this time I might skip the fancy setup and just write it out.

Simon – Distiller’s Edition
Ryan – Distiller’s Edition

Simon – 57°
Ryan – Distiller’s Edition

Simon – 57°
Ryan – 57°

So, unhelpfully, split down the middle. However, if you buy whisky to drink and not smell, it’s 3/4 for the 57°. It’s higher alcohol content requires the splash but rewards bravery.

Talisker Distiller’s Edition v Talisker 57° = Talisker 57° on the tongue.

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