TINCUP American Whiskey with Dan

IMG_20160213_135606TINCUP American whiskey! It comes with a tin cup on the top!

We’ve been enjoying the wider American whiskey movement. Kentucky Straight Bourbon, moonshine and Tennessee Sour Mash are great, but if they’re all you know of continental distillation, you are missing out.

Colorado whiskeys are a nice blend of rye & bourbon tastes, coming from mixed grain mashes. If you like Canadian whiskies, bourbons in general, or Irish whiskeys, you’ll like a lot of what Colorado has to offer.

TINCUP’s website is pretty run of the mill for modern whiskey advertising – dudes outside doing dude stuff. They have an HD video of dudes mountain climbing with big helicopter/drone shots and close ups of dudes throwing ropes and hammering crampons.

Anyway, the bottle is fantastic and if you can get past the vaguely lumbersexual vibe of the marketing push, it’s a great drink for whatever happens in your mountains. Here’s what we thought:

Dan – burnt honey
Simon – brassy apple

Dan – sweet stonefruit, spicy hay
Simon – rye, sweet, pine

Dan – very spicy caramel, dried apricot
Simon – very rye & bourbon, metallic spice

Dan – dry, astringent
Simon – clean, long spice

Dan – much sweeter, caramel smoothness comes through
Simon – like a spiced cider

overall – pretty much exactly what you think a ryed bourbon would taste like
Dan – 8.2/10
Simon – 7.9/10

TINCUP American Whiskey – 42% 750ml – $39.40 – Colorado

Try it? Yes! Buy it? Yes!

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