Saskatoon Sessions: Crown Royal Reserve

As I mentioned in the last post, I recently spent some time in Saskatoon and found a great little bar in the lobby of the Holiday Inn. A nice whisky selection and friendly wait staff, and decent food to boot.

The order of the evening has escaped me, so we’ll do this at random. First up, Crown Royal Reserve. We are 1/3 with Crown Royals so far – the Northern Reserve was pretty good, but the De Luxe and the XO were not.

This one was definitely in the top half of the Crown Royals we’ve had – simpler, truer to the Canadian whisky type with a good nose. Here’s what I thought:

nose –┬ámaple syrup and pancakes

neat – thinner than expected, warming. maple & rye very present

finish – warm, simple

splash – louder

overall – 7.1/10

Crown Royal Reserve – 40% 750ml – $59.95 – Manitoba

Try it? Nah. Buy it? Only if you’re already a fan of Crown Royal

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