Crown Royal De Luxe with Dan, Ryan & Goran

IMG_5449A Canadian classic, or part of the problem? Crown Royal divides whisky drinkers between those who look for the purple velvet bag (ROYALTY getit?) and those who steer clear.

As it turns out, not that Canadian. Being owned by Diageo and based out of Connecticut can take some of the national sheen off any appreciation here. Yes, it was originally developed by Seagrams for a Royal visit to Canada. Yes, it was only available in Canada until 1964. Yes, it is distilled in Manitoba and blended in Ontario, although what blending is occurring is a little beyond me since it only comes from one distillery (that must be when they add the caramel flavoring).

But. It is the number one selling “Canadian” Canadian Whisky in the USA. But. They also sponsor NASCAR and IROC. And some Rolex race league. And the American Turf Challenge.

Anyway, here’s what we thought:

Dan – old musty chewing gum, eucalyptus
Simon – caramel, hairspray, burn
Goran – mintier, vanilla caramel, buttery, smooth
Ryan – definitely “canadian”, chemical, almond extract

Dan – burn, fake caramel, coats the mouth
Simon – unpleasant tongue sensation, burn
Goran – roof of mouth burn
Ryan – no burn, nothing stands out

Dan – infinitely better, less eucalyptus, creamy vanilla, no burn, wood
Simon – floral, soapy, a little sweet
Goran – oak, creamRyan – n/a

Crown Royal De Luxe – 40% 375ml – $ – Manitoba

Try it? No. Buy it? I mean, maybe for mix.

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