Penderyn Single Malt Peated Welsh Whisky with Dan

Our first Welsh whisky!

Penderyn offers a number of different spirits, and their whisky line is pretty complete with some award winning wine-cask aged whiskies.  This particular bottle was a gift from my sister, a good guess on her part grabbing the Peated instead of one of the others – history shows I’m not a fan of wine casked whisky.

This is the first time I’ve tasted a whisky that was genuinely better with a splash of water.  Usually a whisky will simply become easier to drink, but with the Penderyn Peated it’s almost a requirement, the difference between neat and splash is that significant.

Here’s what we thought:

dan – alcohol, caramel, peat, bourbon
simon – peat, sweet, oak

dan – body odour, burn, yeast
simon – smooth burn, slow. simple wood & smoke

dan – Jameson-y, light on tongue. acidic, smokey. mildew
simon – new sweetness, very light. becomes much more drinkable. apple?

Penderyn Peated – 46% 700ml – $100.46 – Wales

Try it? With a splash! Buy it? Good intro to Wales.

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