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Writer’s Tears with The Dan

This is the second of the Irish Whiskies we bought for St Paddy’s day, delayed by scheduling conflicts with The Dan.  But this weekend we managed to get together and get a bunch of tastings […]
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Redbreast 12y

I grabbed this and the next bottle of something called “Irish Whiskey” for St Patrick’s day when we threw a little impromptu get together.  My work ethic being what it is its taken me until […]
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Johnnie Walker Red Label

Got this bottle as a going away present from a co-worker when I left my last job.  Its the first blended scotch I’ve reviewed, and… its better than I thought it was going to be.  […]
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Bowmore 12y

I should come clean on this one before I go any further – after Taliskers, Bowmore is my favourite scotch.  If you want to drink single malt scotch on a budget, you literally can’t beat […]

Holy space crap on space toast – Ardberg (spArdberg) is sending up scotch-related experiments to the International Space Station.  Apparently they think gravity may play a role in maturation and, hey, they make scotch in space, so I’m not going to second guess them.

I’ve only tasted one Ardberg so far.  Anyone with tips or hints on how to get a taste of spcotch, please, let me know.

Source BBC via io9.

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Talisker 10y

This is the first single malt scotch I tasted when I started this new hobby of scotch… uh, drinking.  It was the second bottle I emptied (I love Bowmore), triggering the purchase of this collection. […]
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Talisker Distiller’s Edition

Taste-wise, the Distiller’s Edition sits in the same place in comes in the box – right in the middle.  Its difficult to describe it without comparing it to the 57° or the 10y: its fuller […]
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Talisker 57°

I’m not usually a huge fan of the super-high proofed whiskies – while it has its uses, the burn is a distraction from the flavour.  I was pleasantly surprised by the 57° – it manages […]

Just got back from a pile of drinks with NG at the Fox & Feather on Elgin.  I had a Talisker 10y, a Cragganmore 12y and a Balvenie 12y… followed by an Irish Carbomb (because tomorrow’s SPD) and a rye sour.  My stomach feels pretty North Channel at the moment – choppy and mostly liquor.

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Oban 14y

Been holding back on the Oban because, frankly, it’ll be expensive to replace.  Which is a shame, because I could drink this every damn day. Neat: smells of maple lumber.  Sweet caramel and mild warmth. […]
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Final Five

We’re down to the last 5 bottles of scotch I already own.  So far the only scotch I’ve bought since starting the blog is The Glenrothes, so I’ll need to step up the buy/go out […]
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Dalwhinnie 15y

This bottle of Dalwhinnie 15y was in the first batch of scotches I received when I decided to take it up as a hobby.  If drinking is a hobby.  I guess the pausing to take […]
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Benromach Organic Special Edition

The Benromach Special Edition is the only certified organic single malt scotch whisky I’m aware of, based on no research.  Its certification comes from the UK Soil Association, and they use casks made of managed […]
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Smokehead Whisky

I need to say this up front – this scotch is not for the faint of heart.  The Smokehead bottle comes in a can embossed with many words about how large the flavour is, and […]