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Bushmills 16y with The Dan

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Single Malt

For all that this site is called iscotch, I do love me some fine Irish whiskey.  And this is some fine Irish whiskey.

Bushmills is pretty much always good.  Previously we’ve reviewed Black Bush and thoroughly enjoyed it.  This single malt Irish whiskey continues that tradition.

dan – sweet, unburnt caramel, floral
simon – old wood, bright, some fruitiness

dan – very sweet on the front, late burn.  vanilla (sweetest of sweet)
simon – butter, something very nostalgic i can’t place, like the smell of a school friend’s house, very sweet

splash dan – same fruity sweetness. bourbon consistency.  tongue coating
ice simon – not better than neat.  cold seems to close down the flavour, almost changes mouth feel

Bushmills 16y Single Malt – 40% 700ml – $83.00 – Ireland

Try it? Absolutely. Buy it? If you love Irish whiskey!

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